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Stop Tweaking the Blog Design and Start Writing Already

Posted by MoneyNing | Posted in Blogging | Posted on 21-07-2008

With the launch of this blog and a refocus of a few others, I’ve been addicted to tweaking blog designs. From knowing nothing about Photoshop and only very basic HTML, I can now create basic graphic designs and rearrange/add features on my blog through tweaking CSS and PHP codes. I find all this fascinating and fun but perhaps more importantly, time consuming.

Even though I’m starting to spend much more time on my blogs, I find myself running out of hours in the day. From the minute I wake up, I’m consumed with working on different things to improve my blogs. This morning might be about making the title look better on OC Golf Course, while the afternoon’s agenda might be moving the content from being in the center to the left on MoneyNing.

While all these changes turned out great and I’m glad I made them, I seem to have forgotten that content is what blogs are about. Great designs might be what initially get a visitor to read the first article, but valuable and interesting information is what turns the visitor into a reader. Insightful information is what turns the reader into a subscriber and subscribers are the foundation for readership growth.

If your blog design is always being improved without new and great content, then change your focus now and start writing already!